Get Covered!


The Grubby is made from a lightweight, breathable fabric that is both strong and durable. The Grubby is specifically designed to be slipped on over your child's clothing and to protect the little one from dirtying up his/her clothes. The Grubby works great in wet and dirty areas, including when it's raining, giving added protection to clothing underneath, without sacrificing comfort or mobility. Kids can crawl, run, climb, jump, and just be kids without worrying about getting dirty or wet. The Grubby is machine washable and can be used over and over again!


The Grubby was designed for little runners, walkers and crawlers and has many versatile and practical applications for outdoor as well as indoor activities. The Grubby coverall-jumpsuit is great for using at parks, playgrounds, beaches, backyards - where ever and whenever the terrain is wet, muddy or even a little dirty. For indoor play, the Grubby is great whenever your little one is perfecting his/her painting or other arts and crafts talents, and is a perfect 'baby body bib' for those messy eating occasions. The Grubby is easily cleaned by wiping with a wet cloth or paper towel, it can be rinsed in a sink, and it's machine washable. Whatever the weather, rainy or sunny, the Grubby coverall will keep your child's clothes clean and dry!    


The Grubby is by far the cutest outdoor piece of clothing you will see at the park or playground. The Grubby comes in several sizes and color schemes. It has been designed to look cute, sleek and comfortable, all in one. The Grubby opens and fastens from the back, so that your child can easily slip into and out of it, with no need to remove shoes! The matching Grubby Bag is stylish too, and fits easily into a diaper bag or clipped to a stroller or purse. Put simply, the Grubby is not just practical and cute, it is fashionable!